Azure Domain poster early.jpg

Our first major title, AZURE DOMAIN, is now in active development!

An action-flight game in the vein of Ace Combat, Starfox, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and War Thunder with heavy RPG elements and a deep, enrapturing story. Unlike most (if not all) games like this, the player will be able to freely move around hub areas between missions to interact with other characters and slowly unravel the game's significant lore and form meaningful relationships. With a huge selection of aircraft (all of which can be upgraded and customized), a detailed and storied roster of characters, a vast world to explore and a non-linear story with multiple endings players will have no shortage of incredible and exciting things to do!

Are you interested in contributing to the project and joining Proud Cipher Media Group? We're looking for:

  • Writers

  • Character Artists

  • Aircraft Artists

  • Concept Artists

  • Environment Artists

  • Unity developers

  • Texture Artists

  • 3D Artists

  • Sound Designers

  • Voice Actors

  • And plenty more!

Because we're such a small team and are only doing this in our spare time, we have no budget and cannot offer payment for any contributors yet. We have plans for a crowdfunding campaign in the future, so it won't be staying that way. As such, our work philosophy is "work when inspiration strikes", meaning we don't have deadlines, quotas or schedules to meet. You can work at your own pace and only contribute when you feel you can. We've been learning a lot as we work on this, and we hope you'll join us in learning and improving along the way!

If you think you might be interested, feel free to email me at